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I have commented of two people’s blog about there film clip

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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

In our final production piece, i think we kept close to the theme and stock narrative. This is good because it gives the audience a chance to associate what type of genre the film clip is. The stock characters we used are the Psychopath and the bullies these provide a wide contrast of personalities. The use of the stock settings are ally down by school were the bike shed’s are, late night train station and dark empty house. Overall i think  we developed the codes and conventions from our research to make a good final production piece.

How does your media product represent particular social groups? 

In our final production piece, we used a group of people that are socially rejected and the villian (bullies). The clip has a person who is socially rejected and getting bullied and beaten up, whilst the clip also represents part of a gang culture, it shows two people beaten up “Wanye” and then later on a whole group of people beating up “Wanye”. This part of the clip represents the social group of gang culture.

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

For our media product the group have decided to use an company that we created called psycho film production, it is an independant film indusrtry. We chose this becuase we would like our film to be an independent low budget film.    


Who would be the audience for your media product?

Our final piece production in mainly targeted at 15 years old and up it is meant to attract young people and people going out just to see a film. It is also meant to be a film for people who like thriller’s to go see as that is the genre of film we chose.

How did you attract your audience?

We attracted our audience by starting the clip with a scene for why wanye is the out cast “rejected”. We did this so it can draw the audience in and hold on to their attention as there attention is focused on the clip the actors are introduced so they know who the actors are, and what there role is in the scene

 What have you learnt about technologies from constructing this product?

I felt that natural lighting made the clip effective because it is all natural and no man made light gives the audience an effect of social realism. I also feel that that we spent alot of time on garageband perfecting our final music piece. I also think we spent alot of time editing the clip and managed to make the end result a flowing clip that worked well together with the music.

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full project?

I think that between my prelininary task and final piece, i have learnt that there are many different camera angles and camera’s that can be used to produce a good quality clip and and how they can change your way of filming.  An example of this is we used a fish eye lens on our camera for our first scene of our final piece whilst we just used used the standard lens of our camera for our preliminiary task.



This was the first day we started filming. I played the role of bully 2 in our task. During this scene i worked alongside Mat and Luke acting, and Dylan was filming.


Me and Dylan went to take some reece pictures of were we were going to film scene’s one, three, five and seven.


Our group filmed scenes one, three, five and seven today. These shots are shots we have taken to fill in and make sense of our production. These scene’s consist’s of “Wayne” (Mat Smith) rocking backwards and forwards in a corner of a room whilst zooming in closer to his face.


Today we went to Addlestone station to film scene four. It took us around an hour to get the scene filmed but we did manage to get alot of footage for this scene. I played Bully 2 alongside Bully 1 and two more extra bullies. We took longer than we needed to film because we needed close ups of the scene and different angles so e spent quite a bit of time organising that.


The whole group tried making some music on gargeband to go with our scene’s we had, but this was a rough test and we didn’t end up using the first track we made because it didn’t flow well the scene’s we had.


Today was the day our group began editing the parts of our film, that we had. We were able to make our film flow well and it was up to around one and a half minutes in and thats without titles and the last scene. The part i played in the editing was editing scene’s four, five and six with Mat on the laptop.


Today the group began filming the last scene. For this scene we used our friend, Josh Colwills house as we all think it would look good on camera. We had to do alot of difficult shots there was alot of tight gaps and dooways we had to squeeze past but we still got the footage we needed.


Me and Mat made another track on garageband and this time it was timed to flow with the scene’s and it is now the sondtrack for our final production. It flows well with our final production so we decided to keep it.


This is the link to my prelininary task which has been uploaded to youtube.

There are many different strengths and weaknesses that occured during my preliminary task.

The strengths that occured during this task are we were able to successfully use the tripod to film most of the task. This enabled us to use steady camera shots and steady long shots. This lead to successful filming throughout our preliminary task.

Another strength of the priliminary task was the room we used to film in. It had very small windows so the lighting was man made so we didn’t have to worry about the weather conditions because the light was always the same. The room walls were also brightly coloured so the room had a bright look and was very easy to film in.

Another strength was the jump cuts, they went very well together and they flowed well together to make one complete scene. This was considered a strength because it would all look like one clip instead of it looking like it was stopped and started again. The things that went well during this preliminary task are the editing, that went really well and the clip ended up flowing well, hen it was put together to make one clip.

The weaknesses that occured during the preliminart task are one day was really sunny and the sunlight was getting to the lens making it really difficult to film the person, you could couldn’t see the persons face you were trying to film beccause the sun just made it look like a shadow. This was a weakness because it was hard to film because it was hard to film outside and making sure the sun wasn’t right in front of the lens.

Another weakness of the task was filming the person walking across a field and then going into the building without crossing the line. We didn’t manage to do this as the other places we used you could see the camera in the reflection of the window.

The things that failed or that we had to re-shoot multiple times are the walking across a field into a building. This failed because we tried alot of different places and shots and we ended up having to cross the line to get a shot that flowed with the scene.


This Repertoire of Elements on is the opening scene of 28 weeks later


  •  Zombies
  • The Hero/main survivor
  •  Dark empty house

Stock Characters

  • Zombies
  •  The main character/survivor
  •  The friends before they get attacked

Stock Settings

  • Empty dark house
  • Dark ally way

Narratives and Themes

  • Horror
  • Thiller
  •  Zombies



The Genre of the introduction we have chosen Thriller

I am in a group with three other people, Mat Smith, Luke Bremner and Dylan Martinez.